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Recent Work
I'm always up to something. Here's some of my most recent endeavors.
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The Patch Panel
This is an on-going project that I've been working on for the last few years on.
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Volunteer Work
Over the years I've volunteered my services to local organizations.

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Hire me!

While I do have a full-time position, I can take on other projects. 

I specialize in product photography, on-location lifestyle shoots, and various design projects. Be sure to reach out if you're interested in any of these things, let's talk.


I make every effort to deliver quality work on time. Here are just a few satisfied clients.
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"My office thoroughly enjoys working with graphic designer and professional photographer, Mr. Colegrove, via our event promotional graphics and event photography. Ted's creativity and professionalism are reflected through his innovative designs and striking photos. What makes Mr. Colegrove stands out from his artistic peers is his ability to deliver the final product on schedule. If you are looking for a creative professional who understands the importance of punctuality, Mr. Colegrove would be an ideal choice."

- John Lu

"Ted's ability to work creatively outside of the box has been an unbelievable strategic advantage in our growth. When there aren't resources available that match our theme, he simply makes them, sparing no fine details. The quality of work is second to none and continues to grow our professional image day in and out. "

- Evan Henshaw
The Patch Panel

"Ted is a wonderful Interactive Design Professor. He has consistently earned the highest reviews from his students and is a beloved presence at the Moravian College Art Department.  What makes Ted exceptional is that he keeps his classes contemporary, showing students exactly what is happening in the industry. He brings his professional expertise to our students. "

- Camille Murphy
Moravian College

"I have worked with Ted on several projects for multiple businesses. He delivers stellar results because of his vast experience in providing creative input and creating professional finished products. I also appreciate his responsiveness to every request, which is ideal when I need quick turnarounds. I highly recommend Ted because working with him is effortless; he has the business savvy to grasp the concepts and turn out exceptional visuals quickly."

- Christine Duborg

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