Ripped Personalities

Moravian University Faculty Biennial 2022

So many of us judge others by just appearances. Appearances can be deceiving, and when we peel back that curtain, we are dads, teachers, business owners, photographers, rockstars, musicians, performers, entrepreneurs, soldiers, first responders, moms, and artists. 

We are people. We are multifaceted, multi-racial, multilingual, and by all means, multitalented. Talk to us, get to know us, and maybe those differences you might see on the outside might be common ground on the inside. 


This time I didn’t edit the photos at all (minus getting rid of soft-box grids, tape on the floor and some color correcting). I kept it as raw as possible. I’ve done so much digital manipulation for these shows, I really wanted to step away from that and be more conceptual. 

The faculty biennial art opening is March 17th at 6:30 in the Payne Gallery at Moravian and open to the public. Come see some great work by the art faculty of Moravian University.

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