It's not the end of an era of Olympus. Olympus is reborn as OM SYSTEM.

At the beginning of 2021, OM Digital Solutions separated from Olympus. Even physically, we moved out of the headquarters in Center Valley and to a new building in downtown south Bethlehem. In October of that same year, we rebranded ourselves as OM SYSTEM. As the manager of content and design, I had my hands in defining that brand and refining it from the original concepts from Kauas, to usable everyday design templates, representations, and worldwide brand usage.

After many redesigns, meetings, and Teams chats, we finally had a .05 version of the brand book. In which we designated color usage, logo guidelines, and even some implementation examples. We could finally show the new brand to the world when we launched the OM-1 in February of 2022. 

By April 2022, we were in dire need of a rebrand of our collaterals. We had successfully launched a rebrand of Olympus, but it needed to be tied into all of our collaterals too. I sat down with a fellow OMDS designer in Helsinki, Finland, and together we fleshed out our template system for promotions and banners based on the original Kauas design. 

This brand is still evolving, and I'm so glad to have had a hand in its inception and continued growth. 

Check us OM SYSTEM now!

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