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I’m still figuring out the whole Calop_ way of making things glow. This is a new thing for me, and I’m still in my infancy of doing it. That being said, I’m well on my way to get it right. 

Recap Video from my @primer_media channel on YouTube. 

Bad Blood 2019

Since (at least) 2008, Tom “Moondog” DelMundo has been putting on a charity airsoft game which proceeds went to leukemia and lymphoma society. This year was no different, other than expanding the proceeds to the JDRF (formally the formerly called the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). 

This game brings upwards of 1000 airsoft players from around the continent to EMR Event Park in New Milford, PA. 

Here are the highlights from the event

As well as my seven miles of walking around taking photos, speed up 2000 times and put to music ;) 

Behind The Scenes - Olympus Photoshoot at the Delaware Water Gap

My new position at Olympus comes with a few perks. One of them is to manage products on photoshoots. Now that the 12-200mm, MC-20 Teleconverter, and Tough TG-6 have been released, I can share these photos. 

One of the best things the OM-D E-1MX and OM-D E-M1 Mark II offers is the weather sealing. It was POURING outside, all of us were wet, and we didn’t have to worry that our cameras, ourselves, and our gear were getting soaked. 

Thanks to all the models & hair and makeup, Bruce, our principle photographer, Chad and Andy, our videographers, Chris our Creative Manager, and Paige & Nao our product managers. We got some great shots.

Interested in some of the products shown here? Check out the links below:




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