Happy Independence Day

Independence Day went off with a bang this year thanks to my trusty 37mm Flare Launcher. I had the opportunity to fire off a few firework flares, along with dressing up one of my friends as George Washington. 

Here are a few behind-the-scene shots of this silly evening:

Pat’s Brunch!

I’m continually infatuated with food. Thankfully, people also hire me to enjoy food and photography. 

It’s BRUNCH time at Pats Bethlehem, and wowee, the selections. Here are a few delectable dishes from my most recent shoot for Pats, drool at your leisure. 

Watsvine Consulting - Logo Design

The client came to me through a referral. She was looking for a minimalist logo for her new business that provides Chief of Staff services to small businesses and startups. Through a solid evolution of iterations, I stumbled upon the final logo. I was going for a classic, essential feel with an air of refinement. 

Some of the process:

Using Format